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Rudy Lumanza

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Roy Kemna

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Bas Ent

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Thomas Verhaar

Dutch Lions FC offers men and women a unique experience every year to play competitive soccer in the USA between May and July. Men can play for one of our three men’s teams (Dayton, Cincinnati and Miami) competing in the 4th division (USL2 and NPSL). Women can play for one of our five Women’s teams (Dayton, Fort Myers, Chicago, Washington and Oceanside) competing in the 2nd division (WPSL). Since our inaugural year in 2010 we have had over 150 players from Europe play in the USA for one of the Dutch Lions FC clubs and over 70 players have turned pro after playing for one of our clubs.

The recruitment of players that live in the USA goes through local/regional scouting and annual try-outs per club, usually in February or March. You can register only per club in case you are interested to play for that specific club. In case you are not specifically interested in one particular Dutch Lions FC club, you can register below.

The recruitment of players from Europe goes through an online application (register below) and/or our annual try-outs in the Netherlands. If you register below we will either contact you directly to discuss the options we like to offer you, or invite you to our annual try-out (target date is in November 2021). More information about the exact date will be announced shortly.

The participation fee for the annual try-out is €75 (non refundable) and includes lunch and a Dutch Lions FC jersey.

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