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NBC Sports, May 18, 2023

Major League Soccer (MLS) has awarded an expansion franchise to San Diego, after the ownership group paid a staggering $500 million* fee to start a club in South California. The club will be owned by Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Mansour. Mansour also has a stake in Danish club FC Nordsjaelland as well as ownership of the famous Right to Dream Academy in Ghana. 


*15 years ago the MLS expansion fee was $20 million.

USL, September 21, 2023

Orange County SC announced that star forward Milan Iloski would be transferred to Danish Superliga club FC Nordsjaelland this January.. These transfers have started to become regular occurrences. What’s changed? Most of all the willingness of USL clubs to invest in players that can not only provide an impact on the field but also have the foresight to find the next step in their pathways, which has led more young talented prospects to turn professional in the USL Championship than ever before.

The league’s visibility and connections in the marketplace have also grown rapidly. Here’s a timeline from the past five years, starting with the move that began a movement, and some of the key transfers that have launched notable careers since

Front Office Sports, June 12, 2023

MLS has been at the center of the soccer universe with Messi’s move to Inter Miami. But Matt Rizzetta is a big believer in the lower-level USL — and he’s far from alone. Rizzetta (his North Sixth Group owns majority control of Campobasso FC and a minority stake in Ascoli FC in Italy) and his partners will field an expansion franchise in Brooklyn in USL1, the 3rd tier of American soccer, seeking to capitalize on the growing interest in soccer ahead of the 2026 FIFA World Cup, License fees for USL Championship — the level just below MLS — are now at $20 million, while the fee for USL1 has reached $5 million. 

*14 years ago the expansion fee for USL Championship was $250.000

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Besides the annual meeting with their members, Dutch Lions Capital Group BV also organizes an annual business event in August. Besides the co-owners and partners of a Dutch Lions FC organization, all players that previously played for Dutch Lions FC are invited as well to take part in various activities. For 2024, the annual meeting will be held somewhere in August. You will receive an invitation in advance. Besides some fun activities the owners will also brainstorm on new opportunities for Dutch Lions FC.

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