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REGISTRATION MEN's and women's team

Dayton Dutch Lions FC is the first Dutch Lions FC team and was founded in 2009. The club currently has a men’s team that competes in USL League Two (USL2), and a women’s team that competes in the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL).. Both leagues are considered the highest amateur level in US Soccer. USL2 is the 4th tier behind MLS (1st tier), USL Championship (2nd tier) and USL League One, NISA and MLS Next Pro (3rd tier). The WPSL is the 2nd tier behind the NWSL and USL Super S, who are both sanctioned for 1st division.


The Dayton Dutch Lions FC men’s and women’s team consists of some of the best local talents (both club, high school and college) combined with several players from Europe and college players from the US. The teams usually consist of approximately 26-30 players, with the season running from mid-May until the beginning of July for the women, and to mid-July (depending on play-offs) for the men. 


There is a player fee associated for joining the team. This will cover all training session (3 to 4 times a week), 12 games for the men and 8 games for the women, and two sets of DDL FC gear for the season. In case you need housing there will be an additional fee. The fee structure for the 2024 will be communicated separately after registration. 



For more information please send an e-mail to In case you are interested in playing for our men’s or women’s team please register below!