Tryouts in The Netherlands – players chase dream to play in US

Tryouts in The Netherlands – players chase dream to play in US

Spakenburg, March 3 2020

Dutch Lions FC organized their annual tryout in The Netherlands on Tuesday March 3, 2020 at the stadium of IJsselmeervogels. Around 45 players came out to chase their dream to play in the USA for one of the three Dutch Lions FC Men's teams (Dayton, Cincinnati and Miami).

After a presentation by CEO Mike Mossel on the soccer structure in the USA, the Dutch Lions FC clubs and the 2,5 month season, the players had a training session with three different stations: passing/finishing, skills and a position game. After that they had lunch together. In the afternoon every team played two 40-minute games. The coaches wereDon Guezen, Lorenzo Muller, Hans van Elden. The scouts were Hans van de Haar, Erik Tammer and Marcel Oldekamp.

CEO Mike Mossel commented on the tryout: "I am very pleased with today's tryout. Everything went well from an organizational point of view, we had a really good staff today and a great facility. Besides that we also saw a great spirit from the players and some good soccer. We hope to sign a few of them the coming weeks."

Dutch Lions FC also likes to thank their partners Voorbach Makelaardij (jersey sponsor) and Sportiff Company (gear).

Players will be receiving news the coming days.