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DLFC clubs-players recognized by WPSL and NPSL

Dutch Lions FC clubs, coaches and players receive several WPSL and NPSL awards for 2021 season

Chicago Dutch Lions FC and Oceanside Dutch Lions FC were awarded the WPSL Best Franchise of the Year Award in their Conferences for their 2021 season. Both clubs played their first season ever and finished 2nd (Chicago) and 3rd (Oceanside) in their Conferences.

Chicago also had Mika Fisher (Best Goalkeeper of the Year), Abby Schwartz (Best Offensive Player of the Year) and Nikhil Erlebach (Best Coach of the Year) recognized for their performances in the Lake Michigan Division.

Addison Steiner of Oceanside Dutch Lions FC was awarded WPSL Best Offensive Player of the Year in the Plymouth Division.

Maddy Oliver of Washington Dutch Lions FC was also awarded WPSL Best Offensive Player of the Year in the Colonial Division.

The following players were selected in the 2021 WPSL All Conference Teams:

Washington Dutch Lions FC:

Selena Kaup, Charli Daum, Maddy Oliver, Isabella Buck and Dakota Chan

Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC:

Lotty Bovy, Britt Tonis and Sophia Cherniak

Dayton Dutch Lions FC:

Bridgette Herman, Hayley Jakovich, Lauren Bastian and Alaina Huber

Chicago Dutch Lions FC:

Mika Fisher, Allie Anderson, Sophia Senese and Abby Schwartz

Oceanside Dutch Lions FC:

Addison Steiner, Sophia Chen and Christina Settles


Miami Dutch Lions FC (who finished 2nd in their Conference) had 4 players nominated for the NPSL All Conference Team for the Sunshine Conference. Peter Wentzel, James Raptis, Phillip Spickenbaum and Riki Soto received recognition for their performances in the 2021 season. Riki Soto was the one player that actually made the All Conference Team. He was also nominated for the NPSL South Region Best XI.

Congrats to all clubs, coaches, staff and players!